Summer camp pictures & highlights

Pictures from this year’s Summer Camp are now available online

**** Highlights from Summer Camp ****
– 34 Scouts Attended Camp – Yay!  (we have 39 Scouts in our Troop)
– 9 Scouts attended a 2nd week of Camp
– 147 Merit Badges credited – 109 Complete & 38 Partials (Wow, that’s a lot!)
– 3 of 4 Lt. Col. Thomas Knowlton awards presented to our Troop (Now that’s a real lot!)  Each week, JN Webster awards this to a Scout, Leader & Staff member in recognition of their scouting spirit & dedication to Boy Scouts of America and JN Webster Scouting Reservation.  Congratulations to all!!   * Zachary Webber * Mr. John Drost * Michael Pezzetti Jr.
– 2 Honor Campers * Aaron Maney * Shay Cordtsen
– 2 Special Awards from the Staff
– 7 Polar Bears
– Troop Activities included Water Polo, Kayak capture the flag, Climbing, Tie Dye &  New Class Bs

There were also a few challenges including Uniforms, Buddies, Bikes & Green Chair usage.  These areas were addressed at camp and will continue to be addressed throughout the year.


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