PLEASE READ: Important notes from Parent Meeting

Please read on for important notes from our Parent Meeting:

Summer camp

  • Medical Forms are due at Court of Honor (Sunday June 12th).       Forms may be turned in to Gabi LaBrecque or Mike Pezzetti.
  • If physical is coming up (after Court of Honor) let Gabi know by phone – 860-502-8108
  • Mike Pezzetti will turn in all medical forms prior to our Troop week of camp to ensure everything is in order so it’s important to have these in on time.
  • Medical forms not turned in by Court Of Honor must be dropped off at Gabi LaBrecque’s house at 40 Irene Drive in Vernon.
  • Drop Off – Sunday morning
    • Drop off gear at Troop 20/20 camp site at 12:30
    • Drop off campers wearing bathing suit with towel on top of gear to allow Troop to quickly get to the waterfront for swimming
  • Pick Up
    • Saturday morning 8:15 – please be on time!!
    • Troop week does not end on Friday night after the campfire, family dinner unless an exception has been cleared ahead of time with Troop leadership.
    • Boys are expected to stay to Friday night to help clean up
  • Uniforms – need full Class A uniform for dinner every night , neckerchief, shirts, socks, hat, neckerchief slide (slide doesn’t need to be an official scout slide)
  • When done work dinner uniforms are hung until next night to keep them clean for the week
  • Class B kaki cargo shorts required for class B uniforms
  • Bunk mates to be selected during 6/9 meeting
  • Mail Call – consider first piece of mail to be sent out prior to camp so it arrives in time, or mail may be left with Troop leaders when dropping off, to be distributed during the week
  • Check our website for lots of information on our Summer Camp page
  • Items Not Allowed
    • NO CELL PHONES AT CAMP – will be confiscated until end of week
    • Coolers of any kind (Troop will have beverages available for sale to boys. Money will fund ice cream & pizza nights.
  • Items Allowed
    • Radio with headphones to listen to for sleeping, (not allowed during day) night lights,
    • Money – be careful of buying food/candy left in tent will attract animals
    • Bikes – biking rules must be followed to keep riding privilege.
    • Fishing Poles


Phone book wrap up

  • $9,500 raised from books!! (approx $1,200 more than expected due to bonus for quality deliveries)
  • Great job – with new processed in place for bagging, route distribution and deliveries.
  • Due to changes in phone routes and availability of Frontier routs, we may switch up routes next year
    • Fall routes may be used for Troop funds and Spring routes for Scout funds



  • Troop communications are distributed via, Troop Blog, Troop Facebook page.
  • When new boys joined, they are informed & asked to follow Blog, Facebook and website.
  • If you or someone you know are/is not receiving Troop communications, please reach out to the Troop at for assistance.
  • If you refer someone to apply for our Facebook page, please give a heads up to Andrea by phone, email or post to our facebook page so I know who they are and approve their request to join. (this avoids the creepy stalker types from joining our page)


Troop Equipment

  • Ralph Webber stepped up as our new Quatermaster this year and has some requests/reminders
  • After campouts – please return gear at the following meeting.
    • Dishes / cooking gear should be washed
    • Tents – dried and cleaned
  • Report damaged items – missing tent pegs, rips, etc should be reported to Ralph so we can repair/replace prior to the next campout.
  • It is not good to realized we have dirty gear on a campout


Food buying

  • Some questions were asked regarding our Patrol campout food shopping procedures
  • Each Patrol creates there own menu and shopping list
  • The Scout responsible for shopping is responsible to know how many scouts will be in their Patrol
  • If they do not know, they should reach out to their Patrol leader for confirmation
  • Boys should take responsibility for planning & going shopping (along with parent)
  • Additional Food Shopping Guidelines are available on our Troop website.


Martha’s Vineyard

  • Our first trip next year will be in Sept – 2 weeks after labor day, September 16th
  • This is a bike riding – so boys are encouraged to practice riding if needed over the summer
  • This trip comes up very quickly at the start of the year so please mark calendars now
  • This is a good weekend to bring a friend to check out our Troop


Court of Honor Schedule

Elks Flag Day Ceremony arrival @ 1:30 – Families are encouraged to stay for Flag ceremony as this is a very important event for the Elks and a good way for the Troop to give back and show support for our generous sponsor organisation.

Schedule for day:

  • 1:30 – Arrival
  • 2:00 – Flag Ceremony (approx 1hr)
  • 3:00 – begin cooking & food prep
  • 4:00 – Troop Dinner
  • Court of Honor ceremony will begin as soon as dinner is wrapped up.
  • Troop will provide grilled chicken, burgers, dogs and fixings
  • Families are asked to bring side salads or dessert (notes were passed out at meeting)
  • If you did not receive any info on what to bring please bring either a side salad or desert
  • Troop store will be open at Court of Honor
  • Sign up sheet for 2nd order for neon shirts will be available at Court of Honor









Visit our website at
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