Salmon River campout PLEASE READ

Since this week’s meeting will be a phone book meeting, Jason Lipman will be collecting permission slips and money for our April campout while he’s stationed at the warehouse.

Important Reminders:
1) Bring a printed copy of your completed form (attached to your confirmation email) 
2) Payments to be made by cash or account only, NO CHECKS
3) Online permission slip will be deactivated at 6PM Thursday, so be sure to complete it on time. It only takes a minute. 
4) If you are unable to access or print the form, or can not make it to the meeting Thursday but want you scout to attend this trip:  Contact  for assistance prior to the meeting so we can include your scout on this trip. 


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One Response to Salmon River campout PLEASE READ

  1. jen1bradshaw says:

    So Scouts that don’t have a patrol – what will they do for the campout? Since we came over to 2020 there hasn’t been a regular meeting to get the ins and outs of the troop.

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