Important Permission Slip Info

Going forward we are making the following changes to our Campout permission slip process.

  1. Going GREEN-er with permission slips online
    • All Campout forms will be filled out online
      • If you are unable to access the online form, email for assistance
    • Please print a copy of your completed form (attached to your confirmation email) and bring it to the Troop meeting on or before the due date on the form.
      • If you are unable to print your form, or are unable to attend the meeting on the due date,  email for assistance
  2. Updated Payment methods:
    • Payment options are now restricted to Cash & Account.  Having payments by check makes it often impossible to provide money up front to all of our food shoppers.  Having more cash payments will enable us to provide cash to more of  our food shoppers so they do not need to pay out of their own pocket and wait for a reimbursement.
  3. Permission Slip Due Dates & Deactivation
    • Due dates will be noted clearly in the top section of the online form.
    • Online forms will be open for submission until 6:00PM on the due date.
    • At 6:00PM the form will be deactivated to allow time for all submissions to be processed in time for the meeting.

We feel these changes will better meet the needs of our growing Troop as well as make the lives of those organizing Troop activities a little easier 🙂



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