Troop 20/20 2015-2016 Leadership & Committee Positions

As we get ready to begin our new scouting season, please make note of this year’s Troop & Committee Positions.  As you can see below, we have several new names on this list as well as some positions that remain open.  Let us know if you’d like to fill one!

Troop 20/20 Leadership; Troop & Committee Positions
2015-2016 Scouting Season




Scout Master Bill Magnotta Not Open
Assistant Scout Master Ron Nolan “Newly Filled” – Not Open
Assistant Scout Master Dan Couture Not Open
Assistant Scout Master Waldo (Steve) Morin Not Open
Committee Chair Steve Michaud Not Open
Treasurer Mike Pezzetti Not Open
Logistics John Drost Not Open
Web Master (&Staff) Andrea Maney Not Open
Phone-Books Chair Jason Lipman “Newly Filled” – Not Open
Phone-Books Coordinator Bill Buller Not Open
Camping Coordinator Katrina Tierney Not Open
Advancement Chair Steve Houghtaling “Newly Filled” – Not Open
Quarter Master Ralph Webber “Newly Filled” – Not Open
Summer Camp Coordinator Gabi LaBreque “Newly Filled” – Not Open

Open Positions

Position Responsibilities
Travel Coordinator: Arrange transportation needs of each event (mostly campouts) driver/scouts
Activities Coordinator: Time Kiessling?   Thanks for continuing to do this Tim!?   (Position may be filled)
Alumni Coordinator: Maintain & formulate our Scouts, Families & Friends Alumni Listing & formulate communications with them.   We’ve had some great events & support from them in the past.
Hospitality Coordinator: Coordinate Troop “Events”, Thank-you notes for camp outs, Court of Honor food coordination including paper goods/utensils
Merit Badge Counselors: Always in need – based on your interests & specialties

Troop Committee Members (Thank you!)

Robert Magnotta, Jan Peacock, Laura Nolan, John W Drost, Matt Nolan, Anthony Pezzetti, (could be you, please see us for more info!)


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