Adventure Park Waivers

Thank you for being prepared with forms and payments last week, and to those who made other arrangements  with me.  Our reservation has been made and we have 27 people climbing!

All climbers must fill out the online waiver.  This must be done online.  I already submitted mine and it took about 2 minutes using my phone.

If you do not have access to a computer/smart phone, or otherwise need help with this step, please let me know and I can help at this week’s meeting.  If we can get everyone set by this Thursday that would be great!

Here’s the link to the waiver

If you do not fill out the waiver, our whole group will be held up from climbing, so please ask if you have any questions at all.

– Andrea


Visit our website at
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2 Responses to Adventure Park Waivers

  1. Nick j says:

    For scouts, can they bring a friend

    • says:

      Hi Nick, you can bring a friend, however; the final payment and headcount for our group has been made. The friend would need to register and pay full price on his/her own. They are also not guaranteed to have a harness readily available to begin climbing with our group as we are already at their maximum group reservation size.

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