PLEASE READ: important phone book message

PLEASE READ the following message from Bill Buller.  I received by email yesterday (so where he says ‘tomorrow’, he really means Sunday April 19th).  PLEASE reach out to Bill with any questions.
From Bill:: Here’s the score: 14 Route left to be delivered and one day left to do it.  A total of 5,930 drops.  We also have a number of lists that are out there and not delivered yet.

Next weekend is the Salmone River Campout, which is the last weekend of the month, which is our absolute deadline with Product Development Corporation.

Here are our options:

1.  Finish delivering the books tomorrowand we’re good to go.

2.  Don’t finish tomorrow, and the camp out is cancelled to compete the project.

Today, Steve and Aarone Johnston completed a 497 stop route by 11:30.  Steve Michaud and I completed 616 stops by noon and another 652 stop list in the afternoon. 

What we need are14 people to show up at7:30 tomorrow morning, take a list and be done by noon.

There is no alternative.  This gets completed tomorrow, or the camping trip has to be cancelled.  

I look forward to seeing 14 people tommorrow morning.  If you can’t make it for 7:30, the books, door hangers and lists will be outside.

I thank the Drost family for their contribution.  John Jr earned his Eagle Badge last year and they helped out just to help out.  They are exempt.  


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