Correction: Important dates for Camp, Phone Books & Adventure Park

Important upcoming dates to keep in mind
(correction – Adventure Park on 6/13)

  • Summer Camp
    1. Due NOW – Deposit  $75
    2. March 26 – Campership Application Due to Mike P.
      Application can be found at
    3. May 7 – Final Payments due

  • Phone Books
    1. March 26 – Route Sheets available at Troop meeting
    2. March 26 – Tentative Book bagging begins – will send update asap
    3. TBD – Route sheets due back to Bill Buller

  • Adventure Park (new event scheduled)
    1. May 28 – Permission forms & Laibility waivers due
    2. June 13 – Trip to Adventure Park in Bridgeport


Visit our website at
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