Lake George Camp Out

Bill Buller is asking for a parent/leader to contact him about going on this weekend’s campout as a chaperone.  With many graduation activities going on that weekend, so far, Bill is the only adult going.  There are 12 boys who signed up.
Bill needs another Adult to volunteer by Wednesday, or we’ll have to cancel the trip.
The group leaves on Friday at Noon from the Elks and returns Monday.



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2 Responses to Lake George Camp Out

  1. Hello All,
    Our family is not able to send an adult for this trip. Mark Sr. is traveling back and forth from/and to Florida, we don’t know at this point, if he is at home that weekend. And I still got the girls and the dogs. Sorry!
    ~ Christine

  2. Steve J says:

    I have to work Friday and Monday so I will not be able to go. Also … there is no refunds on those tickets so I really hope the troop doesnt have to eat that cost.

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