REMINDER: Leaf Raking at Elks tomorrow!

We have a 20/20 leaf raking service project at 9AM tomorrow (11/17) at the Elks.  Bring water botttles, gloves and any equipment you have.  We should finish between 12 to 1PM.  This is one of our opportunities to thank the Elks for all they do for us!


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2 Responses to REMINDER: Leaf Raking at Elks tomorrow!

  1. Jonas, Paul E. says:

    Just got your message.
    Sorry we missed it.
    It would be great if there was some advance notice.

    • says:

      Hi Paul, unfortunately they forgot to remind the boys at the meeting in Thursday. It has been on our troop calendar since August and is something we do every year typically right around Veteran’s day. So here’s a whole year of advance notice to keep an eye out for it next year. 🙂

      Here’s a thought…if you have a smartphone and an email address that can link to a google calendar, I can ‘share’ the calendar with your email and you could synch the troop calendar on your phone. I did that this year for both of my kid’s scout troops and it had really helped me stay on top of things!

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