Invitation to Pack 807’s Flag Retirement Ceremony

Please see the following email with an invitation to Pack 807’s Flag Retirement Ceremony on Friday, November 15th.  Please see Mr. Magnotta for more information on the location, and so he can pass along info to Pack 807 on how many will be attending.
Pack 807-

It is time for our annual Flag Retirement Ceremony. Please join us on Friday, November 15, 2013 at 1830 hours (6:30 PM). During this event we respectfully retire old and tattered flags that have seen their service life. If anyone has any flags that need to be retired please let me know and bring them with you. We are always looking for flags. If there is a story behind the flag or if you want to honor a past or present serviceman/ servicewoman while retiring the flag please feel free to share. This is a formal event so please have the boys dress in their Class A uniforms and layer as it is usually getting or IS cold out. We usually start by having the boys and families fold flags to “prep” them for retirement. If anyone is able to help setup please let me know as well.
The event is held at our house.
Bill Magnotta I would like to extend an invite to this event to Troop 2020 if you are interested. Please let me know if there is interest so I can plan and also have enough flags. If you have access to to flags in need of retirement please let me know. Thanks.
If anyone notices someone not on the email list please reach out to them and forward the email to them and let me know so I can add them to the list. Thank you.
Dan Greenwood
Assistant Cub Master
Pack 807


Visit our website at
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