Tent Status from Block Island Campout

Sorry for not getting this out sooner.  Here’s some info forwarded to me from Mr. Pezzetti, in case you forgot to return your tent at this week’s meeting.

“Troops; Here’s what I recoded from this past weekend’s Camp Out with regards to the Tents, and the need for hem to be dried this week as soon as possible and returned during This Thursday’s Troop Meeting:

9 Tents total (1 was unused), and their numbers best I could get:
1089-1 / T-5
110200-3 / RDT-1
110200-2 (needs 1 Stake)
0490-2 / LL Bean
NT#1 (not labeled – “New Tent # 1” needing 1/2 or more of the stakes or 8)
NT#2 (not labeled – “New Tent # 2”)
Adult Tent “#1” / T-2
Adult Tent “#2” ? Unused Tent still in bag!

Here’s who I believe has those tents:
Pezzettis – 2
B. Buller
Shay Cordtsen
Aaron Johnston
Jacob Neault
Zach Webber
Sam Yencho

Thanks and see you in 2 weeks (or during Phone Books on the Weekend!) Mike




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2 Responses to Tent Status from Block Island Campout

  1. Steven Johnston says:

    I can 100% confirm that the tent that came home with Aaron Johnston was placed on the line and dried in the sun for a day, then folded and returned Thursday 9-26-2013. This tent went into storage in the side room of the carriage house hall at the end of Thursday’s meeting.

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