Reminder: Adventure Park Climbing permission forms due 6/6

Permission forms & Liability Waivers for the Adventure Park climbing/zip lining trip are due tomorrow 6/6.  It is very important that we get all of the forms turned is as I need to provide a final head count to the Park this week.  If you missed the video that I showed at last week’s meeting, or would like to see more info, you can check out this cool video review about the Park published last year by ‘DayTrippers’.



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7 Responses to Reminder: Adventure Park Climbing permission forms due 6/6

  1. Ralph Webber says:

    Is this permission slip available online?

  2. says:

    I’m sorry, I did not get a chance to post the permission slips online. There will be extras at the meeting tonight if you need a copy.

    • Ralph Webber says:

      I won’t be able to go to meeting and my son is in Washington DC on a school trip. 😦
      I sent email to Michaud & Magnotta.

  3. says:

    OK, I will put the forms online tonight, but it probably won’t be until after the meeting, but I will make sure I get that done tonight for you. Then you can arrange to get them to the Troop leaders along with your payment. I need to give a final head count on Friday, so if you’re sure he will be going, we can include him in the count.

    • Ralph Webber says:

      Do you have any more details about the trip? I don’t even know the date or if it’s a camping over trip. The more info the better. Sorry about this.

  4. t2020ct says:

    This is a day trip, on Sunday June 22nd, leaving at 8:00AM (please confirm the departure time when you see the form, as I don’t have it with me at the moment). Our scheduled time at the Adventure Park, in Bridgeport, CT is from 10:30AM – 1:30PM. He would need additional money for a lunch stop after climbing (probably McDonalds / Burger King) and then headed home. The Troop will bring some snacks & water, and water is also provided at the Park. However in case it’s really hot and/or busy, he may want to bring his own water bottle. We will have a reserved picnic table at the Park to keep our stuff. I believe we will be home around 4:00PM (again please confirm once you see the form). If you’re looking for more specific details about the Park itself, you can see their website at
    I don’t remember what was decided on for a final cost, so please confirm that on the form tonight.

  5. says:

    Sorry…. The trip is SATURDAY, June 22nd. NOT Sunday.

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