New website format

Since we have a lot of content building up on our site, I’ve been working on a new meu format to make it (hopefully) easier to navigate around the site.  I’ve tested the new menu in a few browsers and it looks like it’s working.  Please take a look at and let me know if you have any issues.  I have the original site as a backup if the new menu is giving people issues.  



Visit our website at
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10 Responses to New website format

  1. Steve says:

    I went through every link and it looks great. Easy to navigate and full of information.

  2. Trooper says:

    Wow, just when we thought it was awesome it got better yet! Now we’ll have to live up to this new betterer version and add some High Def Pics; Eagle Scout Plaques, some of our “popular” apparel items, who knows what else (anyone have a “high def camera”?),…

    • says:

      Thanks “Trooper”!
      If you can get me any pics, or other content to add, I’ll make sure it gets added! Maybe at one of our meetings, we can get some of the boys to ‘model’ some apparel items? I can take some pics with my phone. Not ‘high def’ but good enough for a website 😉

  3. Ralph Webber says:

    Why is the home page text blinking every second. Sorry, I find that more annoying than helpful.

    • says:

      Hi Ralph,
      I’m sorry about the blinking. Can you let me know what Web browser and version you are using? I’ve tested this in Firefox, google chrome, and internet explorer (several versions of each) and haven’t been able to see the blinking which makes it difficult to debug. I have heard this issue from one other person, so you aren’t the only one. It was not intended to blink and I completely agree it would be very annoying. I will continue trying to clear that up and let you know when I get it fixed.

      • Ralph Webber says:

        I’m using Firefox 20.0.1 Yahoo! Edition 1.19
        The first group of text blinking starts with “Boy Scout Troop 20/20 belongs to the Hockanum River District in the CT Rivers Council…”

    • says:

      Hi Ralph,
      Could you please give the site another shot and let me know if the blinking has stopped for you? Thanks!

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