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GPS Trackers

A follow up… these trackers will cost us $65 each if we do not turn them in.  Five trackers = $325.  Please double check so we do not get charged for them.  

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One last call for GPS Trackers

Good Morning,

I will be dropping off the last of the routes tomorrow.  Please take another look around the house, car and even the kids clothes to look for any GPS trackers you may have.

We are 5 short at this point.

Thank you,


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Summer Camp Medical Forms

Reminder that the medical form packet is available on our summer camp page
On page 2 of the packet,  please do not forget to attach a copy of both sides your insurance card. 

Thank you from Gabi, your summer camp coordinator.

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If you still have a GPS Tracker from Phone Books

Good Afternoon,

If you still have a GPS Tracker from Phone Books please let me know and either bring it to Thursday’s meeting or drop it off at my house.  I have just been informed that we are 9 units short and they are $65 a piece.

Thank you,


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Nickerson Permission Slip due 4/28

Permission slips (and payment) for our Nickerson, Cape Cod campout are due at this week’s meeting on 4/28.  You can find the link for the permission slip on our calendar,  just click on the event and ‘more details’ to find the link in the description.  You can also use the link here to go right to the form –

Important Reminders:
– To help us plan better for our campout, this form will be deactivated at 6:00PM on Thursday 4/28 so please submit your form before then.
– If you are unable to access or print – please contact me at and I will help you!
– If I do not hear from you and your scout is attending this trip, you will be expected to print a copy of the slip attached in your confirmation email, to turn in on 4/28.  This saves lots of paper in place of handing out multiple copies of forms that get lost.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!



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Looking for Jacob Walden

Good Evening,  I am attempting to track down Jacob.  I believe he as two routes which I am looking for an update on.  If you could pass this message along and ask them to either email me ( or call me at 860.268.0545 it would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Salmon River Drivers

Thanks to all who have volunteered to drive.  Below are directions and drivers. 

Friday Drivers :
Meet at the Elks at 5:15 for 5:30 departure.
Address: Gulf Road, East Hampton. Look for the parking lot at the state park. 

Sunday Drivers:
Pick up at the parking lot on Gulf Road in East Hampton @ 10AM.  If there are any issues finding the right spot,  you can contact Glenn Neault at 860.216.7925

Drivng Friday & Sunday

Driving Friday only

Driving Sunday only

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