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Nolan Property Permission Slip Due 9/29

The Nolan Property permission slip is available online.  You can find it on our calendar at Troop Calendar

Or use this direct link Nolan Permission Slips

Don’t forget to PRINT you completed form (from your confirmation email) and bring it with your payment to our 9/29 meeting.

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An Opportunity for Community Service and work towards a Merit Badge

Vernon Public Schools is pleased to co-host the Vernon 2016 I.M.P.A.C.T. (Integrated Municipal Preparedness and Collaborative Training) exercise scheduled for Friday, October 7th, 2016 at Rockville High School.  This regional full-scale mass-casualty training exercise will provide emergency response personnel and school officials with a unique opportunity to test and enhance their emergency preparedness and response capabilities.  In order to be effectively prepared for any type of emergency, we must hold meaningful drills to enhance our capacity to respond to real-world events.

For this training to be successful, over 100 volunteers are needed to be role-players in the exercise.  Volunteers are needed from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm on the day of the exercise.  This training provides an excellent opportunity for high school students to fulfill a portion of their school required community service hours.  This training also provides an exciting opportunity for adult volunteers to support their community and to learn how to be better prepared for emergencies.

Adults can also participate.

Please consider volunteering for this important event.  To volunteer please contact us at or (860) 870-6000 x123.   To learn more about the Vernon IMPACT training program, please click on the following link:  Thank you.

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Yankee Candle Sale

Yankee Candle sales packets were distributed at this week’s Troop meeting.

This is a great opportunity to earn 40% of all your sales, deposited directly to your scout account!  

Catalog orders must be returned by the 10/6 Troop meeting. 

Online orders may continue until end of the year, still earning 40% to your account!  Instructions to set up your online seller’s link are included in the packet. 

If you would like a packet, please let me know asap as I only have a few left but could order more if needed.  

Your participation is optional but encouraged as this is a great opportunity to put some money into your scout account for campouts, gear, dues, summer camp or other scouting activities.  

– Andrea

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Adult volunteers needed

Looking for a few adults willing to help move some cardboard in our storage area during Thursday night’s meeting.  Please let Mike P. know or just show up willing to help.  Thanks!

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Martha’s Vineyard Departure

Arrive by 4:00 at the latest tomorrow at the Elks for a quick departure.  We can’t miss the ferry, so we can’t wait for late arrivals.  Please don’t be late!

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Bring Gear & Bikes tonight

Remember to bring your camping gear and bikes tonight as everything will be loaded tonight for this weekend’s camp out.  

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Last call for Martha’s Vineyard!

If you are still interested in this trip but have not yet registered, it is critical that you contact Bill Magnotta BEFORE SUNDAY. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have just enough drivers for the already registered boys.  If you wish to take advantage of this last minute opportunity, you would need to have a driver sign up with you.   

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