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Butternut Ski Area Discount For Scouts

Tim Kiessling registered all of our scouts to get a discount at Butternut ski area. The prices are below.

$40 Lift ticket (Save up to $25)
$30 Ski or Snowboard rental (Save up to $13)
$10 Helmet Rental (Save $2)
$25 Group Lesson – 90 minutes at 10:30am or 2:00pm (Save 20) or
$75 lift/rental/1st timer lesson (restricted to beginner slope)

Reminder: Cans & Bottles Fundraiser

The new troop fundraiser has started. We are collecting cans & bottles. Please have your family reach out to relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. to have them donate their cans & bottles to the troop. Please bring the cans & bottles you collect to a troop meeting. If possible, please sort the cans and plastic bottles in separate tied up garbage bags and put the glass bottles in cardboard boxes, 6 pack carriers or 4 pack carriers.