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Summer Committee Meeting – Tuesday 8/21

Good Evening Troop 20/20 Families!

Summer committee meeting will be on Tuesday August 21st at Bill Magnotta’s lake house (39 Vinton Road Holland, MA 01521). Adults and kids are welcome, bring bathing suits and a dish to share for dinner. BBQ will be provided. You may arrive any time after 1:00 PM, dinner will be at 6:00 PM and committee meeting will follow at 7:00 PM. Please RSVP to Bill Magnotta for BBQ count at

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Summer Camp – Last Reminders – Calling for Hand me Downs

What To Bring (And NOT To Bring) To Camp and CALLING ALL HAND ME DOWNS, the troop’s supply of grown out of shorts and uniform shirts has almost run out. If you have some old grown out of olive uniform shorts/pants, class A shirts, and scout socks that you’d like to donate please bring them to Camp. If you would like to look through what we have please see Mike Pezzetti. Camp officially opens at 1:00 PM, we are in campsites 8A and 8B, turn left at the big american flag.

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Volunteers Needed – Elks Cleanup – Sunday 7/22, 9:00 AM

The Elks have asked if we can have some scouts volunteer to help out with a cleanup project Sunday morning 7/22 at 9:00 AM. They are holding a large event on Saturday night and this will be a big help to our troop’s sponsor organization. Parents’ help is appreciated. Bring gloves and rain gear if necessary. Bill Magnotta will be coordinating on Sunday, please email him at if you can attend.

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Summer Camp – What To Bring (And NOT To Bring) To Camp

Click here for the link to What To Bring (And NOT To Bring) To Camp.


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Summer Camp Merit Badge Forms Needed

Steve Houghtaling is missing summer camp merit badge signup sheets for the following scouts:

  • Mark Boyer
  • Andy Deschene
  • Colton LaBrecque
  • Ben Lipman
  • Ian Nevelos
  • Jonathan Nevelos
  • Liam Overholser
  • Josh Prignano
  • Curtis Roggi
  • Brett Skidgel

Misc items:

  • AJ Kiessling circled both Geocaching and Chess which are at the same time – which is it?
  • Kevin Zheng signed up only for Art at every time slot it was available
  • Tyler Rose signed up for both ATV sessions

Click here for the merit badge scheduled offerings for summer camp. Please fill out the signup sheet, scan it, and email it to as soon as possible. If you don’t have access to a scanner then you can just email the desired merit badge and time.

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Summer Camp Bunk Mate Info Needed

If you have chosen a bunk mate or would like to bunk with a certain person for Troop week at summer camp, please let me know. I am creating a list. You do not have to choose now but it is helpful to know if you have. I can be reached by email, text, or phone.
Zachary Larson

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Summer Camp Medical Forms Needed This Week

If you still need to turn in summer camp medical forms ( please drop them off to Gabi LaBrecque (40 Irene Drive) as soon as possible. Gabi will be around this week, then she’ll be on vacation. Please text (860-502-8108) her first to make sure she’s home so she can review your forms before you leave in case something is missing; for example, a copy of the front AND back of your insurance card.

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