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Do you need or have phone books?

Please take a count of how many books you need for your routes.  If you need more books, please contact Bill Buller ASAP.   He will be picking up more books on Friday, but he needs to know how many to get. 

If you have extra books, please return them the warehouse for others to pick up.

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Phone Book questions

Several people have questioned the accuracy of the email sent out regarding counts of routes that people have completed.  If you have any concerns about this or any other phone book matters, please reach out to Bill Buller directly.  Thanks.

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IMPORTANT Phone Book/Campout Update

Bill Maggnotta is requesting a parent meeting at this Thursday’s scout meeting to to discuss how to get this event finished. He wants the camping trip to happen because of  the numerous boys  who put in a great effort in this event.  Please be sure to attend. 

I would like to add that I’ve heard some concerns around this round of deliveries.  We will work on improvements for the fall deliveries.    and will be looking for your help for future improvements soon.  Until then, please hold onto those thoughts so on Thursday we can focus on wrapping up this round of deliveries.

As of 5:30 today there were only 5 routes left.  If you have any time this week, please consider another route. 

Thanks to all for your hard work!! 

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Only 5 routes left!

Several folks have picked up routes today and it looks like there are now only 5 routes left!  Please come grab one if you can! 

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PLEASE READ: important phone book message

PLEASE READ the following message from Bill Buller.  I received by email yesterday (so where he says ‘tomorrow’, he really means Sunday April 19th).  PLEASE reach out to Bill with any questions.
From Bill:: Here’s the score: 14 Route left to be delivered and one day left to do it.  A total of 5,930 drops.  We also have a number of lists that are out there and not delivered yet.

Next weekend is the Salmone River Campout, which is the last weekend of the month, which is our absolute deadline with Product Development Corporation.

Here are our options:

1.  Finish delivering the books tomorrowand we’re good to go.

2.  Don’t finish tomorrow, and the camp out is cancelled to compete the project.

Today, Steve and Aarone Johnston completed a 497 stop route by 11:30.  Steve Michaud and I completed 616 stops by noon and another 652 stop list in the afternoon. 

What we need are14 people to show up at7:30 tomorrow morning, take a list and be done by noon.

There is no alternative.  This gets completed tomorrow, or the camping trip has to be cancelled.  

I look forward to seeing 14 people tommorrow morning.  If you can’t make it for 7:30, the books, door hangers and lists will be outside.

I thank the Drost family for their contribution.  John Jr earned his Eagle Badge last year and they helped out just to help out.  They are exempt.  

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Aviation Merit Badge

Forwarding this info in case anyone is interested….

Two spots for the Aviation Merit Badge session this Saturday at the New England Air Museum just opened up. If you would like to sign your Scout up for this opportunity please call Kelly Dolnack to pay at 860-913-2752. Spots are first come first serve. The cost is $30. More information and prerequisites are available here: 

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Phone Book Wrap Up

We only have 18 routes left out of 92.  This would be a great week to finish off phone book routes if you have time over the break.  Call Bill Buller for routes, phonebooks and door hangers or with any questions. 

Completed route sheets can be dropped off at Bill’s house, 7 Crown Street in Vernon.   All sheets must be returned by April 23rd Thanks!

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