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Scouting For Food: Bag Drop Off – Saturday 11/2 & Food Collection – Saturday 11/9

  • Volunteers who are available Saturday (11/2) morning, please meet at 9:00 AM at the American Legion Post at 114 West St. Troop 86 will be handing out bags, flyers and assigned routes (a group of streets) to a driver and 2 or 3 scouts (or non-scouts that care to help). Typically the driver arrives at the first street and sends the scouts out on either side of the street with bags stuffed with a flyer. The scouts should be asked to put the bags inside the screen door or tie it to the doorknob. If some families/scouts are busy Saturday morning but can help do the bag delivery later in the weekend then that can be arranged.
  • If your scout is not able to go to Camp Pomperaug, then volunteers will meet at the American Legion Post at 114 West St. at 9:00 AM on Saturday 11/9. The routes that are assigned for pick-up may be different than bag drop-off, especially if there are different people involved. Once the routes are assigned, the car drives slowly down the street and if a bag is spotted on the doorstep, the scout gets out of the car to retrieve it. All food is then returned to the American Legion Hall. Once the routes are done, they could use help in sorting and packing the food into boxes and then the truck. All food should be in the hall by noon so that they can finish the packing and drive the truck to HVCC Pantry on Naek Rd shortly afterwards to unload.

Cans & Bottles Fundraiser

  • Please bring the cans & bottles you have collected to tonight’s troop meeting or to a troop meeting at the beginning of November.
  • Please have your family reach out to relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. over the Thanksgiving holiday to have them donate their cans & bottles to the troop.
  • Save The Dates: Help Needed Sorting, Loading & Transporting Cans & Bottles On Saturday, November 16th and Saturday, December 14th