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Phone book route lists

All route sheets should be returned to Bill Buller as soon as possible so he can finalize our delivery with the company.   You can either drop them off at his house at 7 Crown Street, in Vernon, or he will even come pick them up.  His number is 860-305-4790 if you need to reach him.  Thanks!

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No meeting this week!

Following our ‘no school, no meeting’ policy, there is no Troop meeting this week. 

Since we have so many new Scouts, and some not from Vernon, I thought it would be good to remind everyone. 

Enjoy your week off! 

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Please read message re: phone books this weekend

Thanks to Chris Boyer for the following information!

I learned last night that Bill and/or John will be at the warehouse this afternoon from 3:30 pm until about 6 pm to give out phonebooks and routes!  Once the warehouse is closed, books and routes will be left outside, so everyone has access to everything.

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Earn money for your Scout account!

We have about 11 routes left to deliver.  For anyone who has already taken routes, you can earn 50% of the money from any additional routes for your personal Scout account!  Your account can be used for camp outs, summer camp or other Troop activities and equipment.  Please contact Bill Buller or John Drost for details and book pick up.

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Phone book delivery almost complete!

We are almost there……………

There are only 17 routes remaining and then the phone book delivery will be a success!!

Bill Buller has informed us we only have the warehouse through this weekend.

Anyone available during the week to deliver books would be huge. Please contact Bill Buller at 860-305-4790 to grab a route.

Troop please leave the weekend open to deliver the remaining routes.

Please hand in all your finished route booklets to Bill Buller by this weekend.

Thanks for everyone’s hard work and let’s knock this out of the park in Troop 2020 fashion!!!

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Please read message from Bill Buller regarding phone books

It was a super day for our phone book delivery!  All the routes are out for Vernon, Ellington and Tolland!

There are only 23 routes left in Manchester, and with another day like today, we can finish our delivery tomorrow.
I’m asking everyone in Troop 2020 to come out Sunday, finish the bagging and deliver these last routes.  
I’m sending out a Huge thank you to all the families who have come out so far.   Let’s give it a big Troop 2020 push and finish this project tomorrow.
Yours in scouting,


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Phone Book Delivery Instructions for new Scouts and a Reminder for Phone Book Veterans

If you didn’t get a copy at the warehouse, instructions on how to properly bag & deliver phone books can be found on our Phone Book page at  Be safe out there this weekend!

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