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Watch your email for Invites & Reminders

To help you remember when scheduled events are occurring, I am setting some of our calendar events as Invitations.  If you accept the invitation, you should also receive an email reminder within 24hrs of the event date.

Permission slip reminders will also be added.  As discussed at our Court of Honor, it is critical to have permission slips turned in one week prior to each campout for proper planning & grocery shopping.  (For details on Permission Slip procedures, please see our program guide.  If you missed a paper copy, this will also be online shortly.)

Please watch your email for these reminders.  I hope you’ll find them helpful!

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Yankee Candle Catalog orders due

Yankee Candle catalog orders are due at tonight’s meeting.  If you still want to get in on the action, online orders continue through the end of the year.  If you did not get your sellers’ packet, please see Andrea Maney tonight.  40% of each scout’s sales will be deposited to their personal scout account.

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Court of Honor reminder

Tonight’s court of honor begins with dinner at 6:30.  Parents (and scouts) are asked to attend even if your son will not be receiving awards since we will also discuss important Troop information for this scouting year.

We also ask that all scouts do a ‘uniform check’ for any extra items they may have.  (Ex: you should only have one neckerchief unless you have purchased an extra.)  Please bring any extra items so we can get them back to their rightful owners.

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Summer camp lost and found

If you or your son found or brought something home from summer camp that is not yours, please bring these items to our Court of Honor next week so we can try to reconnect with those who have lost said items. 

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Court of Honor Oct 16th @ 6:30

Reminder that our Fall Court of Honor is on Oct 16th.  We will also be reviewing Troop polices and procedures, so it is important that scouts AND parents attend even if your son is not receiving awards or advancements at this time.    PLEASE ARRIVE AT 6:30 for dinner provided by the Troop, with the award ceremony to follow. 

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Phone books

All phone books must be picked up and out of the warehouse by this Thursday.  They must be delivered and the list back to me by Sunday.  If you have any questions, please contact Bill Buller. 

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Oct 11-12: Nolan Property Permission Slip

The Nolan Property permission slip is available to download on our website.  Click on the calendar event, then more details, and you’ll see the permission slip link.

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